We are always trying to do everything that we can lead healthy and happy lifestyles. Believe it or not, though a lot of the dangers that we encounter from an air quality perspective come from being exposed to pollutants and bacteria that are inside of our homes, not outside. The vast majority of environmental pollutants that are out there are breathed indoors. These come from everything that floats throughout our home on any given day. Pollutants, chemicals, and bacteria can come from the various cleaning products that we use in our home, the activities that take part in the home, and the materials that exist there. You can have the best air conditioning Ponte Vedra, FL system in the world and it still may not be able to do enough to get rid of all of this junk in the air.

Why We Care About Indoor Air Quality

The reality is that we spend the vast majority of our days living inside our very own homes. Recent studies show that we spend about 75% of our time right inside these walls and breathing in all of the air that exists within them. Indoor air quality is a true concern for this very reason. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, over 70% of the exposure that we have to chemicals throughout our lives happens while we are home. What this means is that we need to always be aware of and focus on the air quality inside our four walls.

Measuring Indoor Air Quality

In order to measure the indoor air quality of your home you need to have professional assistance. This is where we come into play at J&W Heating and Air. We can work with you to try and see where the status of your indoor air quality stands. We can look at things such as the concentration of chemicals and bacteria in the air and also work to help your air conditioning Ponte Vedra FL system try and fight off all of this bad stuff.

Your air conditioning in Ponte Vedra FL is a very powerful tool in the fight for quality air inside of the home. When you have a system that is functioning the way that it should, it is going to be constantly cycling out all of the bad stuff from the air within your home, cleaning it, and pumping in new and cleaner air.

Maintenance of Your System

You always want to work to maintain your air conditioning Ponte Vedra FL system as best that you can. When you can stay on top of cleaning your air ducts regularly and switching out your air filter when it is dirty, it is going to go a long way to get all of those chemicals and pollutants out of the air of your home. We can work with you to get you on a regular maintenance program so that we can help to keep your system running effectively and efficiently to fight the junk in your home’s air and have a positive impact on it.

Indoor air quality is important as being exposed to chemicals and pollutants is never any good for you, your children, your pets, or anyone else inside of the home. We can work with you to ensure that your air conditioning in Ponte Vedra FL is running the way that it should keeping your indoor air quality at its peak. If you do not yet have a central air conditioning system, understanding the value of one and realizing how it goes above and beyond just cooling your home can help you solidify making it an addition to your residence. Indoor air quality should always be a priority for all homeowners.

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