Air Purifier

If you have ever been in a home or office in which the indoor air quality left something to be desired, then you already know how important quality air is to your overall comfort. A house with perfectly regulated temperatures will still fail to impress if in terms of comfort if you do not also have clean, pure air to breathe. Contact J & W Heating and Air today to learn about the air purifiers in Jacksonville, FL available to you. When you work with a member of our team can you can count on nothing shy of great air quality throughout the year. In order to reach this goal, though, you must first allow us to find the best air purifier for your particular situation.

The Jacksonville, FL air purifier experts at J & W Heating and Air offer quality repair, installation, and maintenance services throughout the Jacksonville area.

Types of Air Purifiers in Jacksonville, FL

You need to enjoy clean, pure air in your home if you want to live in true comfort. It is just that simple. The main challenge when it comes to indoor air quality is the fact that there are so many different problems that you may encounter. In order to boost indoor air quality in your home, you not only need the right equipment but must be sure that that equipment is properly installed and maintained. When you let our IAQ technicians install and service your air purifier in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll have no doubt about it. Contact us today so that we can help you breathe easy in your home. Here are a few air purifiers to consider for installation.

Electronic Air Cleaners in Jacksonville, FL

When you need something more than a mechanical air filter, an electronic air cleaner in Jacksonville, FL is a great option. Electronic air cleaners are a bit more complicated than mechanical filters, which simply filters out pollutants as air passes through. An electronic air cleaner, on the other hand, pulls air into an ionization chamber. There the pollutants within the air are given an electric charge. They will then either stick to a collector plate or simply adhere to the surfaces in the room. Either way, you won’t be breathing them in any longer.

Air Cleaning with UV Germicidal Lights in Jacksonville, FL

Biological pollutants, including viruses, mold and bacteria, cannot simply be filtered out of the air. They can, however, be destroyed using UV germicidal lights. These devices use small amounts of UV (ultraviolet) light to clean the air. While they pose no threat to us, they are more than capable of destroying these pollutants in order to clean up the air that you breathe.

For air cleaners and air purifiers in Jacksonville, FL, call J & W Heating and Air today. We are happy to help you enjoy the best air quality possible. Only then can you hope to live in true comfort. Contact us today to learn more about your air purifier options.