Making it through a summer in Jacksonville, FL requires a powerful air conditioner in peak running condition. The stress placed on a cooling system during the hot Florida summer can break an AC with any major malfunction or suffer from wear and tear due to neglect. It can also eliminate a well-cared-for air conditioner approaching the end of its service life.

Right now, at the tail end of spring, is a good time to ask: “Should I replace my aging air conditioner, or will repairs keep it going for a few more years?”

There is no straightforward answer to the “repair or replace?” question. The best way to find the path you should take is to contact an HVAC professional for an opinion. J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing handles air conditioning replacement in Jacksonville, FL, as well as repairs and maintenance. Give us a call and we’ll put one of our best team members on the job to help you decide if it’s time to repair or replace.

Some indications that replacement is the best choice

  • The AC is older than its estimated lifespan: Check on the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan for your air conditioning system; it should be listed on the cabinet. If your air conditioner has already exceeded this, even by less than a year, you should schedule a replacement now when it’s more convenient and before you suffer from repair problems or costly loss in energy efficiency. This isn’t wasteful: if your air conditioner has endured this long, you have gotten a great bargain for an initial investment.
  • Repair costs have mounted: During the last two years of an air conditioner’s lifespan is when it needs the most repairs. When you start scheduling repairs often enough that you have added your repair technician to your holiday gift list… it’s time to consider a replacement system. A good rule of thumb: if it takes more than $500 in repairs per year to keep any home comfort system running, it’s wasting money and needs to go.
  • Performance and efficiency have dropped: As an air conditioner ages, it will start to work less efficiently and struggle to deliver its expected level of cooling. Even regular maintenance cannot prevent this from happening eventually. When your electrical bills begin rising due to your AC and no repairs or maintenance can slow the increase, you should replace the system. The same applies to cooling power; once an air conditioner cannot keep pace with your needs for comfort, you should invest in a new installation.

Choosing to replace an air conditioner is a big decision. Even bigger is choosing the new system for the replacement. But if you rely on the same professionals who helped you make the choice, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about when it comes to a new installation.

With J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing helping you with air conditioning replacement in Jacksonville, FL, you can expect to end up with a powerful new AC that fits your home and your budget and will help you coast through many more Florida summers.

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