Anyone living in the state of Florida knows and fully understands how important it is to have air conditioning in their home. The summer months in the Jacksonville, FL area are fierce when it comes to heat and humidity. It seems relentless and makes it hard even to breathe when you are trying to do anything outside or that has you exerting energy. There are plenty of solutions for homeowners to escape the heat and lots of AC Jacksonville options. One of the more popular ones is that of a mini-split system. Does this type of air conditioning system make sense for your home?

There are a lot of different reasons as to why you would want to consider a mini-split system for your AC Jacksonville needs. This includes everything from the functionality of the system, energy efficiency gains, installation costs, and more. We at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing have years of experience handling these mini-split systems and not only can we help you with the installation of one, but we can also help you understand what the system is all about and get into the benefits in more detail.

Understanding the System

The mini-split AC Jacksonville system is very similar to a central air conditioning system in that it has two main components to it. With this type of system, you have an outdoor compressor or condenser unit. Inside, you will have an air-handling unit that is going to be pumping in all of the cool air and filtering out all of the hot air. The system has what is known as a conduit. This is where the power is housed, the tubing for the refrigerant line, drain for the condenser, and so on. This is the linkage that needs to be created to tie together the indoor and outdoor units so that they can work together.

The biggest difference between this type of system and a central air conditioning system is that you have no need at all for any air ducts. The system with the indoor and outdoor units work together with the conduit to create the cool air and pump it into your home. No ducts are needed to be run in your attic, through your walls, and so on.

Size and Flexibility

The two big benefits that go along with a mini-split system are the size of the units and the flexibility of them. These are really mall units that are not going to take up much wall space at all. They are great if you want to work to cool individual rooms or areas in the home. The flexibility in them as well makes zoning as easy as you could ever imagine.

There have been a lot of advancements in these types of AC Jacksonville systems where you can have several indoor units hooked up to one outdoor unit. This means you could have as many as four different zones or indoor units going, all tied to that one outdoor unit. Depending on the size of your home, whether it is a multi-family, or just has many rooms that need to be cooled, this is a great solution.

The price point is also going to be a big factor at play here with the mini-split system. With the fact that you do not need to have air ducts, you can expect labor and installation costs to be drastically reduced as none of this work will be required. A mini-split AC Jacksonville system is an ideal solution for many homeowners seeking relief, but who do not see the need to have a full central air conditioning system installed.

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