You have probably seen commercials for all of these smart thermostats now in the market. Have you ever thought about upgrading the thermostat that you have? So many homes still have the old dial thermostat, where you only turn the circle to the left or the right to set the temperature up or down. Though a smart thermostat will carry an initial price tag, it’s an investment to upgrade, our home energy audit Jacksonville professionals always stress the value that comes along with it.

Improved Control

A smart thermostat is simply going to allow you improved control over the temperature inside of the home. You are going to have a digital display right in front of you. Tapping a button up or down will allow you to get to that desired temperature easily.

The control does not just end in the home either as these smart thermostats are also going to hook up to your smartphones. Controlling the device on your way home from work, while you are on vacation, can all prove to be very valuable. How many times have you come home from a weekend away and wished that the house was cold when you walked inside? With a smart thermostat you ahem the ability to turn the temperature to where you want it to be hours before you get there.


Smart thermostats also have the ability to be programmed. You can set all seven days up ahead of time so that the temperature is going to be adjusted automatically. The goal here, as our home energy audit Jacksonville professionals will stress, is energy savings. Why would you eat the system to be keeping your home cool all day when the household is empty? You mine as well give the system a break and also save some money on your energy bill at the same time.

The programming of a smart thermostat means that you can have it increase or decrease the temperature at certain times of the day. It will know when you are going to work and it can be turned up, or when you are going to bed, thus turning itself down.

Learning the Habits

Some smart thermostats will even learn what you do with the thermostat over time. If you start to use it for a week or two and change the settings at certain points of the day, it will begin to remember what is happening. It can then adapt to this and start to adjust the temperature of the home on its own, freeing you up from even having to program it to begin with.

Smart thermostats truly have a high intelligence level. They can help in the home by keeping it comfortable, as well as also helping you save from an energy perspective. If you have not yet given a smart thermostat a chance, now is the time to do so. Talk to any of our home energy audit Jacksonville professionals, and they will stress to you the real value they bring, far beyond that initial investment of having one installed.We also provide commercial thermostat services!

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