Air conditioning maintenance is essential whether you have a pet or not. As a pet owner, though, there are special considerations that you are going to want to take into account. We treat our dogs, cats, as well as other types of pets like true family, like our children or our siblings, and for that, we owe them that extra level of attention when it comes to AC maintenance as well. Our team of HVAC Jacksonville FL professionals understands what it takes to conduct adequate AC maintenance for our pets, and we are here to help provide insight, and information, into what is involved.

Remember, our pets are little guys. They hang around in your house day and night, definitely not having the ability to just freely go outside if they should so choose in most instances. Their bodies, their lungs, and everything that is involved with hanging in the air conditioning is going to be more susceptible to them than us adults. It is important to make a note of all of this as you plan out your annual air conditioning maintenance schedule.

Duct Cleaning

We all know that it is important to have our air ducts cleaned regularly, but when you have pets at home that level of importance is exciting even more. Air ducts are what will be delivering all of the air generated by your HVAC Jacksonville FL system throughout the home. When you have air ducts that are dirty, that are full of bacteria, and such, it is not going to be any good for you or your pets.

Do you have a pet that just likes to hang around outside of the duct and enjoy all of the air that comes out of it? This is common for many dogs and cats to do as they enjoy the cold air blasting right on them. When you have air ducts that are dirty, this can lead to a lot of issues for the pets

Air Filter

The air filter is the other big area you want to be sure you are well on top of. Make sure you are changing out that air filter regularly so that you can ensure you have clean air blowing through the ducts, to begin with. A dirty air filter is going to do very little to protect your pets who are hanging out in your house all day while you are at work.

Changing the air filter takes a matter of minutes so stay on top of it and get it switched out every few months, especially when the use of the system is at its peak in the summer.

Skin and Respiratory Concerns

The two big concerns at play here have to do with the skin and fur of the pets, as well as their respiratory system. When you have air ducts that are not cleaned, you are going to be exposing them to a lot of bacteria. It could even be mold that has built up in the ducts and is now being circulated throughout the home. What this type of stuff can do to the skin and the lungs of these pets, which are much smaller than our adult lungs, is scary, to say the least.

The concerns for pets are real when you are talking about a lack of HVAC Jacksonville FL maintenance. It requires a level of attention that is even above and beyond what is needed to keep the home healthy for you as an adult. Our pets are small; they do not have the ability to tell you when things such as their breathing are struggling. With so much time spent at home and in our air conditioned environments, you want to be sure you are keeping up with AC maintenance needs for not only your sake but for theirs as well.

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