There is often a lot of contemplation on the part of homeowners as to whether or not they should try to clean air ducts on their own. Is it truly a DIY task to go forward with air duct cleaning, or is it something that should be left up to professionals? A decision like this can be hard to make without considering everything that surrounds the job at hand. Our team of professionals at J&W Heating and Air, one of the premier air conditioning companies Jacksonville homeowners rely on, is here to shed light on the topic.

The DIY Approach

There is something to be said for taking the approach of doing the air duct cleaning on your own. You may feel confident in your abilities to get the job done in cleaning the air ducts thoroughly. When you search online, you will find a lot of step-by-step instructions out there regarding what you should do and what to look out for.

It is a whole different ballgame, though, between reading directions online and executing the job properly. Sure, you can certainly go forward with cleaning air ducts by yourself, without the assistance of a professional, but some risks will come with that.

Did You Adequately Clean?

The question is always going to be about whether or not you properly cleaned the air ducts. Did you do enough to get all of the dust out of them as was needed? How did you do regarding looking for mold inside the air ducts? If mold did exist, do you think you would be able to detect it? There are some things that professionals simply are trained for years on learning and how to deal with air ducts.

We at J&W Heating and Air have seen it all from an air duct cleaning perspective. It is more than just taking a vacuum, cleaning the registers, and sucking up as much dust as you can in the ducts. You want to be sure the air ducts are being inspected as well so that they are well taken care of and continue to function as you would expect them to.

The Professional Approach

We take a professional approach when it comes to air duct cleaning. Our air conditioning company’s Jacksonville team has years of knowledge and experience cleaning all sorts of air ducts, new and old. We are going to be able to help you watch out for mold and be ready to address problems should they arise.

It is all about giving you, the consumer, peace of mind in knowing your air ducts are adequately cleaned and in tip-top shape. Can you do an air duct cleaning job on your own? Sure! Just go into it knowing that you may not do the same level of cleaning as trained professionals will be able to accomplish.

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