There comes a time when you are going to have to replace your air conditioning unit. It may have been 15 or 20 years since you swapped out the current unit you have. A lot of advancements have been made in the time span, including energy efficiency and performance gains. Only so much HVAC maintenance in Jacksonville can be completed. Once a unit surpasses its expected lifespan, it is time to replace it. When you are replacing the air conditioning unit, though, be sure to ask your contractor some crucial questions.

What are the Maintenance Needs?

You want to have a firm understanding of the maintenance requirements of the central air conditioning unit. Talk to the contractor you hired about what has to happen to keep the system running smoothly. How frequently should you have a tune-up of the system performed? What can you do from a filtered perspective to ensure the air ducts remain as clean as possible? When you have HVAC maintenance in Jacksonville needs, it’s pivotal to understand what you’re going through.

One of the best solutions we offer at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing includes our service plans. We can help get you set up with the ideal one for your unit. This will include regular maintenance of the system, including a tune-up, as well as repairs in the event those become necessary down the line. Our team wants to be a partner with you not just on installation day, but for the years that follow to keep it running correctly.

Sizing Up the Unit

Discuss with the contractor you hire about the proper sizing of the air conditioning unit. What size is the system you are replacing? Central air conditioning units are typically sized in what are known as tons. You may have had a unit in the past that was too big or too small. Consider this when you are shopping for a new unit. If you have had an improperly sized system for years, energy waste could have occurred. Think through this and discuss it with your contractor so you are all set for the ideal sizing.

Benefits of the New System

What are some of the advantages of the new air conditioning unit? How have things changed compared to prior years? Gain an understanding of everything the new unit does in comparison to the old. When you have this depth of knowledge, the cost of the replacement is much easier to stomach.

Knowledge can be a powerful thing when you are shopping for an air conditioning unit. You want to get the important questions answered so you can buy with confidence. Talk to us at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing and ask us as much as you would like. We want to take the time to talk you through the buying experience and help you get ready for it. You want to be prepared for your new air conditioning unit and understand the many benefits that HVAC maintenance in Jacksonville needs upon installation.

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