Refrigerant is necessary for your air conditioning system to operate. Your system is only as good as the air it can generate. What good is an HVAC system in the summer if no cool air is created, or pumped into the home? One of the common reasons why air conditioning systems fail is due to leaking refrigerant. HVAC maintenance is the answer, and we can work with you to address such an issue!

Help, The Refrigerant is Leaking

Do you notice that your air conditioning system is leaking refrigerant? A good indication of a leak is taking a look at the outside compressor. There will be a tank in the compressor that looks like a fire extinguisher typically. Take a look at it while the system is running to see if it all seems sound. Are you noticing any leaking coming from it? If so, this is an indication of a serious issue.

Leaking refrigerant means that the system is starting to run out of the fuel it needs to generate cold air. An air conditioning system is no good without refrigerant, as explained above. If you have leaking refrigerant, you want to cease the use of the system and reach out to a professional!

Avoid the Quick Fix

You want to avoid the quick fix with a refrigerant leak from your air conditioning system. The quick fix is usually in the form of a leak sealant. A leak sealant can work if the leak itself is tiny, but it is still typically only temporary. You may want to go with this solution in the interim, but not permanently.

Go for the best solution possible so that you do not have to worry about future leakage. Leaking refrigerant can cause a unit to cease functioning and also reduce its efficiency. Having it fixed once and for good is the proper way to go about ensuring it functions as expected for years to come.

Continuous Maintenance

Continuous maintenance is also important! Once you have the refrigerant leak taken care of, do not stop! Work with our team of pros at J&W Heating and Air to get on a regular HVAC maintenance schedule. Our Jacksonville, FL team can come out to your home routinely, performing inspections and tune-ups. That way, we can help to proactively avoid an issue like a refrigerant leak down the road.

The refrigerant is an essential component of your HVAC system. When it starts to leak, the system will just not run right and may not produce any cold air at all! Get it taken care of and be proactive. Do not ignore a refrigerant leak and also stay away from the quick fixes. Get it taken care of properly and work to have regular HVAC maintenance performed go forward. Our team at J&W Heating and Air is just a phone call away to make this all a reality!

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