Have you ever noticed certain rooms inside the home are warmer than others? You run your central air conditioning system all day. Shouldn’t every single room be at the same temperature? There are many reasons why this may not be the case. This is one area of focus for our energy audit Jacksonville FL professionals when we come out to homes. We want to see how the house is being cooled and if it is being done in the most efficient way possible.

Filter Reducing Air Flow

When was the last time you swapped out the air filter in your system? The air filter of a central air conditioning system is a pivotal component. When it gets dirty, it can downgrade the performance of the whole system overall. A dirty air filter can reduce airflow throughout the ducts. The airflow is needed to cool the home from front to back.

Having a situation where airflow is restricted and reduced due to a weak filter is going to result in some rooms of the home getting more cold air than others. This is one of the most common reasons our energy audit Jacksonville FL professionals find some rooms to be cooler than others.

Air Duct Blockage

Have you ever had your air ducts cleaned? Another common reason why some rooms may be cooler than others is due to a blockage in the ducts. Dirt is going to build up in them over the years. If you have a central air conditioning system that has been running all summer consistently think of all that likely built up. A blockage, just like with a worn air filter, can lead to restricted air flow and imbalanced cooling.

Older Windows

Do you have dated windows in your home? Our energy audit Jacksonville FL professionals can help to identify if certain aging windows are detracting away from the ability of your system to cool the home efficiently. It may be a matter of replacing one or all of the windows for the sake of energy efficiency gains.

Sizing of the AC Unit

How old is your air conditioning system? When it was initially installed, was it sized appropriately for your residence? So many inexperienced professionals will install an air conditioning unit that is too big or too small for a home. We want to size it correctly for you and can assess where yours stands during one of our energy audit Jacksonville FL jobs. If the unit is not sized properly, it is not going to be able to cool the home to your liking comfortably.

So many reasons can exist as to why some areas of the home are going to be cooler than others. It could be due to your attic insulation, older windows, or your air conditioning system. We can help identify all of that and more with one of our energy audit Jacksonville FL teams. Give us a call today and start to get to the bottom of your cooling irregularity!

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