Ever notice that when the heat turns on, you get a bit of a burning smell that comes over you? Is that a typical smell, or is it something that you should be a little jumpy about? Many homeowners do not like the smell simply because of the fear that it instills in them. As HVAC Jacksonville FL professionals, we wanted to take the time to explain what that smell is and help you understand why it is there and where it comes from.

Could it Be Dust?

It could be something as simple as having dust in your heating system that causes it to smell. Heating systems in Florida are not going to be used that frequently. We are fortunate enough to have a warm climate where they aren’t that necessary. Because they are allowed to just sit there for months on end, they can accumulate a decent amount of dust. When you turn the heat on after a long stretch of letting the system sit, all of that dust will burn off. When it does, the odor is going to be generated fairly rapidly.

What is a Heat Strip?

Your system may also have what is known as a heat strip. A heat strip can be found on the air handler of your heating system. When you change the temperature, you may find that you are increasing it to a level that you have not in the past, or in many months. When you have a heat strip air handler working in tandem, the activation of the heat strip can cause the odor also to be generated. That burning smell may be something as simple as the system doing its thing to heat the home.

Causes for Concern

There can be some reason for concern when it comes to smells from your heating system. If you have debris in the system, or you have electrical issues, it can cause the smell to become excessive. It is in these instances that you want to make sure that a professional is checking out the unit for possible repair work.

The Value of Routine Maintenance

There is a lot of value that comes in the form of routine maintenance on these systems. When we can perform tune-ups regularly, we can work to inspect the system. We want to give you comfort that the burning smell is one of the standard causes of typical usage. When our HVAC Jacksonville FL team can take a look, whether it be through a regular tune-up or some other means, we can give you that assurance.

There is no need to be afraid of a burning smell from your heating system, especially if that smell is right when it kicks on. It is always best to have your guard up, but as long as your system is properly maintained and inspected regularly, you should not have to fear that something as terrible as a fire could erupt from it. Our HVAC Jacksonville, FL professionals are here to help you understand the smell and also be sure your heating system is running as you expect it.

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