Spring cleaning is one of those things that is pretty much a tradition for any owner of a home or a business. It is all about the winter coming to an end and turning the page to brighter, sunnier weather. One of the areas that you are going to want to focus on when spring cleaning time rolls around are maintenance that you do to your HVAC unit. All HVAC units, no matter their size, age, brand, or whatever need routine maintenance. Jacksonville air conditioning companies such as ours work with our customers to ensure that the regular maintenance needs, the spring cleaning attention necessary, get completed.

It does not take very long to do spring cleaning on the HVAC unit that you have at your home or business. Putting in the time is going to make all of the difference in the world in terms of how that unit powers up initially and continues to run throughout the summer season.

Checking the Unit

You want to have Jacksonville air conditioning companies out to your home or business to give the HVAC unit a good check from top to bottom. This should be on every owner’s spring cleaning list. This checking effort is what is going to allow you to verify that your air conditioning and heating equipment is ready to function as you would intend it to.

Replace the Filter

The filter is the next thing that you should have on your list in terms of spring cleaning. Check and replace that filter for your furnace and air conditioning system on a periodic basis. If you have forgotten to do it over the winter months, make spring the time when you are sure to switch it out. Some filters are going to be rated to last longer than others so be sure that you are aware of the replacement needs based on the type of filter that you end up choosing.

Clean the Air Ducts

Jacksonville air conditioning companies such as ours can also help you with the ducts that are used to deliver all of that great warm and cool air into your home or business. The ducts are what will be delivering all of that great air to your home so cleaning them is imperative, to say the least. This is a task that is great to get in the habit of on an annual basis. When you work with us to get your ducts on a routine, regular maintenance schedule, we can work it into spring cleaning of your unit to be sure they are ready to deliver crisp and clean air to the space.

Ensure the Unit is Not Covered

This is more important in the case of a condenser with a central air conditioning unit. During the winter months, we have a tendency to try and cover up the units or lay stuff against them. What you want to do as part of spring cleaning is to make sure that there is nothing covering the condenser. You want it to be completely free so that it can pull in all of the air that it is going to condition and deliver throughout your home or business. When the unit has to deal with leaves and chairs up against it things can get tricky.

Spring cleaning is the ideal time to make sure that your HVAC unit is well taken care of. We at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing can help you with your spring cleaning needs whether it be a tune-up of your system, cleaning air ducts, taking care of minor repair needs, and so on. You can also do your part by looking out for obstructions and changing the filter when necessary. This team effort can ensure that your HVAC spring cleaning routine is nothing but a success.

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