One of the more common questions that we get from customers pertains to the differences between a commercial and residential air conditioning system. Most people think that size is the one thing that differentiates a business from residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system, but there is a lot more to it than that. Understanding the significant differences between the two systems will help put into perspective the reasons why you have to look at these as their animals mostly.

A commercial and a residential HVAC system, other than the core function that they have of producing that cold air that helps make our work and living comfortable, are very different. This is one of the important things to realize when you are in need of a repair. You want a professional that specializes in the type of HVAC system that you have. If you need a residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL repair, do not bring in someone who is an expert at commercial systems, focus on what you need.

Package or Split System

The biggest difference that you are going to see when it comes to a residential and commercial HVAC system is in how it’s made. A residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system is going to be a split system. This is where you have a unit inside of the home that has the blower. This is likely going to be in the attic of the home. A condenser unit, where the fresh air is created, is then going to be outside. The two units are going to work in tandem to act as central air conditioning or HVAC system.

A commercial HVAC system works differently as there are not two different components to it. The way that these are made is in the form of what is known as a package system. In one cabinet you are going to have the blower, as well as the condenser altogether. With a commercial system, the only things that are going to be separate are going to be the ducts and dampers that deliver the air that it creates.


A commercial HVAC system is going to be far more complex than residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL systems. This is of particular importance to note about the drainage system. A housing unit will usually have a condensation pan that drains to the outside. Commercial systems are far more elaborate than that though as there is going to be much more drainage required. Exhaust functions will also be far more intricate due to how the system has to perform to cool such larger areas.


The location is another notable difference between the two systems. With a commercial HVAC system, you are going to have that packaged cabinet that we talked about above likely located on the roof of the building. With a residential system, the condenser is going to be on the ground floor outside of the home, with the blower being on the inside.

Upgrade in Pieces

A commercial HVAC system has the benefit of being modular. When you need to replace something in the HVAC system in a commercial unit, you are likely going to be able to take pieces out, upgrade them, and so on. This can be great if a business wants to improve their HVAC system without having to replace the entire thing. Residential HVAC systems do not work that way, as they are going to need more full-blown replacements to be upgraded when the need arises.

The differences between a commercial HVAC system and residential HVAC system are often misunderstood. The more that you are aware of them, though, the more you will realize just how different they are. This can help you as you go about seeking a professional like us for a repair job or making price comparisons of the various systems available. Whether shopping commercial or residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL, we have experts that can assist with any information or work necessary.

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