Have you ever gone to your thermostat to change the temperature, only to find a blank screen? It can be frustrating as the thermostat is relied on to control the comfort level of the home. You could have an HVAC system functioning correctly, but with no thermostat, it doesn’t matter. Why does your thermostat screen go blank and what steps can be taken to correct it? Our team of HVAC maintenance professionals in Jacksonville, FL is here to help.

Diagnose the Issue

Work to diagnose the issue. Take some time to try out a few different standard problems thermostats face. Trial and error can help to eliminate potential problems. The closer that you can get to the core issue, the quicker and easier it will be to fix.

Circuit Breaker

One of the first things you want to check is the circuit breaker. A circuit breaker may simply have tripped and cut off power to the thermostat. Go to the circuit breaker box and see if there are any trips. If so, reset them and go back to check the thermostat. It may be as simple as that!

Dead Batteries

Did you know batteries typically power a thermostat? The thermostat may have dead batteries. While older thermostats are hardwired, the new ones are not.

Swapping out the batteries on the thermostat is easy. Just remove the faceplate and swap them out. If you have an owner’s manual, it can be easy to use as a guide to executing the task.

HVAC Issues

Our team of HVAC maintenance professionals has seen instances where the system itself has caused the thermostat to malfunction. Storms in Jacksonville, FL, even just regular wear and tear can deteriorate systems. If the transformer has stopped sending voltage to power the thermostat, you may have a blank screen issue. Our team can work to diagnose this and correct it quickly.

Broken Thermostat

The most obvious answer of all if it is none of the above is that it’s a broken thermostat. Just like all other types of little gadgets, and electronics, they will break down over time! If you have a broken thermostat, replace it! You may feel confident to try this on your own, but if not we are here the assist.

A variety of factors can lead to the breakdown of a thermostat. It could just be the batteries or a circuit breaker. It could also be something a bit more serious! Regardless of the issue, our team at J&W Heating and Air is here to help. Our HVAC maintenance experts work across Jacksonville, FL, and abroad to help homeowners conquer the blank thermostat screen. If you have a blank screen on your thermostat, diagnose away, and don’t be afraid to give us a call.

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