The air filter of your air conditioning system does a lot more than you think! It is just there to keep the air clean coming out of those ducts. It plays a pivotal role in how your entire cooling system is going to operate from top to bottom. One of the most common issues we see as an air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL provider is ignorance in the replacement of an air filter. It is something that just has to happen routinely! Keeping the replacement of the air filter on top of your mind can help you avoid many downfalls that could occur as a result of ignoring the need.

Poor Air Quality

The first thing that will happen if you neglect to change your air filter is the creation of poor air quality. Dirty air is going to begin to circulate throughout the air ducts, making its way inside the home. Once you get dirty air in the home, it can cause health issues from a respiratory perspective. This can actually be detrimental to the health of you, your kids, and your pets inside the residence.

Cycle Changes

The cycles that your air conditioning system goes through are vital. Throughout the day, the air conditioning system is going to cycle on and off when needed. When you have an air filter that is beyond dirty, the cycles can get off track. They can become far more frequent than they need to be. The result of this is poor temperature regulation and wasted energy inside the home.

Air Flow Restriction

You need a clean air filter so that the air can circulate throughout the system at will. A clean air filter is going to allow this! When it gets dirty, though, air flow restriction occurs. The build-up of this inside of the unit causes the internal temperature of your system to drop significantly. If this continues to happen, the system can ice up around the coils and freeze in place. We see this a lot as air conditioning repair in Jacksonville FL responding to emergency calls.

Failing to Cool

An air filter is also going to be key in helping the air conditioning system do its primary job: Cooling the home! When you have a dirty air filter that restricts airflow, it is going to strike certain areas. You will not get the same amount of air coming out of each vent. Due to this, uneven cooling is going to be seen. The result here is trouble with keeping your home at the desired temperature level.

There are a lot of problem areas that can crop up only by ignoring the need to change an air filter. Even just normal wear and tear on your system, which was not mentioned above, is going to occur when the filter is very old. You want to make it as easy as possible for your central air conditioning system to keep running well. Our air conditioning repair in Jacksonville FL is here if you need us, but changing that air filter routinely can help you avoid many issues on your own!

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