The whole idea of ductless air conditioning is still foreign to the vast majority of Jacksonville, FL homeowners. Many people think that the only way to get a central air conditioning system in their home is to go the old-fashioned route with running ductwork, getting a condenser outside, and all of that. Things have certainly evolved in the ductless air conditioning space though in recent years. This has made ductless air conditioners far more accessible to the masses and also has made them a great option and alternative to someone who may not want a full-blown central air conditioning system.

The whole idea of a ductless air conditioner is that it works as part of an air conditioning system to cool a home or a building. It does this without any ductwork at all. This allows the units to be more efficient and much easier to work with than a big central air system. Let’s take a closer look at three of the major benefits of a central air conditioning system and why it may be right for you.

Easy Installation and Minimal Space Being Taken Up

A ductless air conditioning system is going to be much easier to install than a full-blown central air system that requires ductwork and all of that. These ductless air conditioning systems can be installed in very little time. All you really need typically is a professional that knows what they are doing and can have the whole ductless mini split system ready, installed, and good to go in about a day. This compares to a central air conditioning system that may take a week or more to have fully installed.

The space factor also has to be considered. A ductless air conditioning unit is a great option for someone that does not have a lot of space to cool. Central air conditioning systems with ducts require a basement or attic where the ductwork can be run. The condenser also takes space up outside as well.

Simplistic Operation and Quality Control

You want to have a good level of control over the temperature of your home. A ductless air conditioner is going to allow just that thanks in large part to how easy it is to operate and how to pinpoint accurate it is to control. The operation of a ductless air conditioner typically involves nothing more than using a remote control that comes with the unit to either increase or drop its temperature. This is going to control the air that is coming out of the unit. You could use the remote control to basically control the unit from anywhere. If you are lying in bed at night and you want to turn down the temperature a bit more, you can do it right from the comfort of the spot that you are already in. This allows the unit to be controlled in a simplistic fashion.

Cheaper and More Energy Efficient

What many homeowners have found is that a ductless air conditioner in the Jacksonville, FL area is actually a bit cheaper than a full-blown central air conditioning system. On top of that initial cost, the ongoing cost is also less as these units use up less power than a traditional air conditioning system would use. This is going to save you energy costs on a monthly basis. With multiple ductless units across your home, you have the ability to only use the units that you want when you really need them. If you are not going to use your bedroom all day, you could perhaps choose to keep that unit off while the units in the main living space continue to pump cool air to try and keep that area of your home that much more comfortable.

Ductless air conditioners continue to gain a great deal of popularity in the Jacksonville, FL area, and for good reason. These units do a very effective and efficient job at cooling homes, office buildings, and so on in comparison to central air conditioning systems. The installation of these units is far easier than running ducts for a central air system and the cost is also much less. With the ease of use that is present with these ductless air conditioning systems, they are a great option if you are someone looking for a quick and easy way to get cool air into the space you are spending your days and nights in. Ductless air conditioners are here to stay and they are making their mark on Jacksonville, FL homes and businesses.

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