Energy efficiency is not always something that is top of mind for the vast majority of homeowners. The focus is typically on things such as making sure that home repairs are done, maintenance is completed when necessary, and so on. Energy efficiency is something that does deserve your attention, though, and it all starts with a home energy audit Jacksonville professionals like us can perform.

The revelations that are made coming out of a home energy audit are typically quite eye opening for homeowners. Once the owner of a home begins to realize where their home is failing in the energy efficiency space, they will begin to dig deeper and see the real cost and where it is hitting them most, in the monthly energy bills. One thing that we have learned over the years is that there are a lot of very common and consistent areas of concern that home energy audits discover, including the windows, roof, as well as general home insulation.

State of the Windows

When was the last time that you paid lots of attention to your home windows? There are plenty of homes out there that still have aging windows, with cracked wooden frames, glass that consists of simply one single pane of glass and nothing more. Understanding the state of your windows and how they either contribute to or take away from, how energy efficient your home is can be quite vital.

The team of professionals that we send out to conduct a home energy audit Jacksonville will focus on the windows. What they are going to be testing for include things such as window drafts that you may be experiencing, cracks in the frames of the windows, poor sealing around them, and so on. These things that can easily be discovered can all lead to lost opportunities in the energy efficiency space.

How Old is Your Roof

Understanding exactly how old your roof is can also be something that you want to have a solid understanding. When you have a roof that is over a decade old, it is time to start to pay attention to the state of it. Are there areas that you should be concerned with regarding the roof? Have you seen any leaks that you think deserve some attention?

Our team of experts will analyze your roof and see how it is doing at temperature regulation. How much air is being allowed just to pass through the ceiling? If the roof is old, the chances are that it is allowing a significant amount of that cold air being generated by your central air conditioning system to be lost in a flash, creating a real problem where your system has to work overtime just to maintain that temperature you desire, wasting energy in the process.

Insulation Everywhere

Another general revelation from our home energy audit Jacksonville work is in the space of insulation. When was the last time that you had an analysis done on the quality of your home insulation? It is probably not something that you think about too often, but poor insulation can be an actual detriment to the energy efficiency of your home overall. Insulation is also something that can easily be added, so understanding how good or how poor your current insulation is can easily be remedied.

A home energy audit Jacksonville is a great exercise to go through as a homeowner. We at J&W Heating and Air can assist you as our team of professional can help conduct this educational and quite revealing audit. Understanding how your windows, roof, insulation, and everything else is contributing to the energy efficiency, or lack thereof in your home can help you get a better grasp of your energy usage and costs.

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