There are many different types of HVAC systems out there and it’s important to decide which is the right one for your home. This is a determination that does take some knowledge on your part, as well as a professional to help guide you and answer your questions along the way. When you’re talking about an HVAC Nocatee, FL system, the things that you want to focus on most include the type of system that you want, the energy efficiency rating, as well as the air quality impact.

The System Types Available

You first and foremost need to understand the different system types that are available to you, because they certainly go far beyond just the traditional system that you’re probably thinking of. When you decorate your home, you choose things like paint colors and curtains and such that all fit with the configuration and style of your home. Your air conditioning system should be no different.

The traditional central air conditioning system is the first one worth mentioning as it is the most common. This includes having the ductwork, the condenser unit outside, as well as the fan inside that, is going to work to circulate all of the air.

A mini-split or ductless air conditioning system is another option that you also have at your disposal. These systems are extremely compact as all you need is the indoor unit that goes right in the wall, coupled with the small outdoor air conditioning unit. Tubing and wire connections hook the two up, allowing the air to pass through and get into your home.

A packaged system is also available should you need an alternative to the traditional route that has everything in one unit outside. Some homes just don’t have the space for an indoor coil and this moves that outside to work in conjunction with your ductwork to deliver cool air.

Air Quality Importance

You also need to determine how important air quality is to you and how the decision you make with the air conditioning system is going to impact that. All of these new air conditioning systems are going to help with air quality, but it is no secret that a traditional air conditioning system, which actively works to pull the hot air out of your home, is going to be best at making sure that all of the air is filtered, cleaned and delivered back into your home in a cool manner. Air quality is important and talking to our HVAC Nocatee, FL experts can help you make the right call in this area.

The Energy Efficiency Question

Back in January 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy enacted minimum efficiency rating guidelines for split and packaged air conditioning systems. They’re based on the SEER rating, The minimum rating is 14.0 SEER in the southeastern part of the U.S., but you can have systems that exceed 20 SEER. These will cost more out of the box but will be much cheaper to run, so it’s about finding that balance. Talk with us at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing and we can help you with the cost and benefit analysis of what the difference in price is with the system and how much it will gain you in terms of running it day to day.

Determining which HVAC Nocatee FL system is perfect for your home is a process that requires a bit of analysis, but it’s an analysis that’s going to pay off in the end. What you don’t want is to end up with an air conditioning system that doesn’t properly cool your home or does so in as efficient a way as you would like. This speaks to the importance of buying the right type of system that’s also the proper size. The best way to determine which HVAC Nocatee, FL system is right for your home is to start with your own analysis of the options.

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