4 Things To Troubleshoot Before Calling An AC service Company In Jacksonville

Has your ac suddenly stopped functioning and now you are wondering if you need to call an AC service in Jacksonville, FL?

If you live in Jax or any of the surrounding communities like St. Augustine or Callahan, then you know a working air conditioner is essential year-round. When it unexpectedly stops working and you find yourself too warm or too cold, there are a few basic elements you may check yourself before calling your preferred Northeast Florida air conditioning repair company. The trained, professional, and efficient HVAC technicians at J&W Heating and Air are just a phone call away any hour of the day, but take their advice and try these 4 troubleshooting techniques before you call J&W Heating and Air.

Before AC Service In Jacksonville, FL – Check The Filter In Your Air Conditioner

The team at J&W Heating and Air recommends you change your air filters every 90 days, but factors such as the type of unit, and pets. allergies, children, and the amount of time spent in your home may affect the frequency of replacement. A dirty filter can result in higher energy bills, create health concerns, and make your unit work harder than needed. That extra hard work can result in a costly breakdown.

Before An AC Repair In Jacksonville, FL – Check Your Home Power/Breaker

It sounds simple, but check to ensure your power is turned on and working as planned. If it is and your unit still has not turned on as expected, check the breaker box. The switch that controls your air conditioning unit may have tripped and as a result, your air conditioning would not work. If it was tripped, flip the button and see if your unit powers up.

Before Calling An Air Conditioner Repair Company In Jacksonville, FL – Check Your Thermostat And Batteries

Start with the basics! Ensure you turned the thermostat on to the cool setting. If you did, but nothing is happening, you should check the batteries in your thermostat. If the batteries in your thermostat are dead, the thermostat will be unable to communicate with the air conditioner and tell it to start up. Try replacing the batteries if that is the case. J&W Heating and Air can also troubleshoot a thermostat issue if this is the cause of the system malfunction.

Before Calling For AC Repairs In Jacksonville, FL – Check The AC Drain Line

Our techs know this, but it is not always common knowledge that as the air conditioner cools your hot, Florida home, water collects that needs to be drained out of the system. If your air conditioner is working properly, the water will flow through the drain line. However, your drain line may become clogged for any number of reasons, and if/when that happens, your air conditioner will shut off thanks to a safety switch. Ensure the drain line is clear, flowing, and free of debris, obstructions, or clogs of any kind.

If this sounds like a task that is above your skill set, you’re welcome to give the team at J&W Heating and Air a call. Our technicians can be onsite within 24 hours to have your air conditioner back up and running.

Routine drain line cleaning, which is a part of the most-popular Platinum Preventative Maintenance Plan at J&W Heating and Air, can also so be a task you do at home with the right tutorial. Drain lines can be cleaned with vinegar at any time of the year.

What To Do If None of Those Troubleshooting Tips Work

Call the pros at J&W Heating and Air in Jacksonville, FL. J&W Heating and Air has been serving Jacksonville, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, and other Northeast Florida communities since 1966. J&W Heating and Air is one of the last locally owned and operated HVAC companies in Jacksonville and St. Johns. The team at J&W Heating and Air is veteran-owned and operated and also offers military and senior discounts. Same and next-day appointments are available as is financing should you need new air conditioning altogether.

How to Contact J&W Heating and Air

Our technicians are available after-hours and on weekends so that you can fit your air conditioning services into your busy, modern lifestyle. Call us today at (904) 595-9644 or schedule an appointment online right now.

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