There are very few industries in the state of Florida that are as crowded as the air conditioning industry. So many companies exist, all of them claiming to be the best at what they do, with prices that cannot be beat, and so on. As a consumer, what are you supposed to do to ensure that you are hiring the very best of the Jacksonville air conditioning companies out there? Though it may seem silly and overly simplistic, one of the best things that you can do is to hop on Google and start reading reviews simply.

Check for Reviews

The first thing that you should begin to do when you are trying to size up one of the Jacksonville air conditioning companies is to see if they have reviews online. Search on Google for the company and see if there are reviews from clients that have had work done in the past. The more reviews that you can pull up, the better. Companies that have just one or two reviews may not give you a big enough sample size to make the judgment that you want to be able to make. Searching online is so simple though that you should be able to find the reviews in no time at all.

What if No Reviews Exist

There are going to be instances where Jacksonville air conditioning companies simply have no online Google reviews. This could mean one of two things to you as a consumer. It could mean that they do a lot of business by word of mouth, do not have a website or a web presence, or it could mean that they simply do not have much experience because they have not completed many jobs. Either way, this could be a warning sign that they may not be the company for you.

Read the Comments

There are going to be customers that just rate the company with no commentary, but the free-form comments are what you want to look for. Do not just read the star rating, but read what the customer had to say. Customers that experience quality customer service are likely going to call that out. Vice versa, if they had a bad experience, they may describe it as well. If you are considering hiring an individual company, these comments could help paint you some insight as you what you can expect as they work on your particular job.

The Rating Matters

Google ratings truly do matter when you break it down. It is a representation of what customers think about a particular company and the experience that they had with them, in the aggregate. Our team at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing is beyond proud of our Google rating, which is near perfect among all of the customer reviews that we have received over the years. The score does matter to you as a consumer as it speaks volumes to where your expectations should be and helps you gain a level of trust with the company.

Don’t Choose on Price

The reason you want to read reviews and get a gauge of what you as a customer should expect to experience is that you never want to hire someone on price alone. You want the personal attention that you deserve, the ideal analysis of your home to get that perfect air conditioning system, and this takes time. The companies that spend the necessary hours with you assessing your specific needs may charge a bit more, but they will do a much better job. Google ratings can help reveal a lot about these types of experiences.

Google is a very powerful tool that consumers do not always take advantage of. The reviews on Google can tell a lot about the various Jacksonville air conditioning companies and help you choose which one you should hire. Be sure to spend the time, do your homework, and read up on all of the companies you are considering before you make your determination as to which is going to be best for you and your family.

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