There is a big impact on the size of the air conditioning system that you need to be based on the geographic location of where you live. Most people will think that the same size home that is located in Florida would need the same central air conditioning system as a home of that size in the state of Massachusetts. This could not be further from the truth as geographic location plays a big role in your HVAC Ponte Vedra needs.

When you start to research central air conditioning systems, what you are going to find is that there are guidelines concerning what size system you need based on the size of your home. The guidelines take it one step further, though, and will also get into detail about where you live and how that will also impact the sizing of the system you need. Climate can play a significant role in the type of HVAC Ponte Vedra system you need, and when you live in a hot and humid area, you need to adjust accordingly.

Excessive Heat and Humidity

There are certain locations across the United States that are prone to extreme heat and humidity. Any professional that installs HVAC Ponte Vedra systems knows that they need to account for those very hot and humid summers that you can experience.

When you have heat and humidity that is considered oppressive, you need to have a central air conditioning system that is going to be able to perform under those conditions. This means that the system may have to have a bit more power to be able to get your home to the desired temperature that you want.

How Much Geography Matters

The size of the central air conditioning system that you need is going to depend on where you live and also how big your home is. The sizing chart breaks the country up into four zones. When you live in Zone 5, that means you live in one of the colder states, take the state of Maine for example. Zone 1 is going to include those with HVAC Ponte Vedra needs, as well as other areas of Florida. A homeowner that has a 1,500-square-foot home in the state of Florida is going to need a 2.5 to 3-ton system more than likely. If you live in Zone 5, though, you may be able to get away with a 2-ton system.

This means that it can be much cheaper to have a central air conditioning system installed in the Northeast and other colder areas of the United States, merely because the equipment that you need is going to be smaller, and thus less expensive.

It all comes down to energy efficiency. You want your central air conditioning system to run as efficiently as possible. When you have a system that is properly sized, it is going to be able to help get your home to the desired and comfortable temperature and keep it there without wasting excessive energy in the process. That is precisely why we at J&W Heating and Air want to be sure the system you end up with is the ideal size for your home.

HVAC Ponte Vedra professionals like us understand what it means to live in the heat and humidity of Florida. We know how to size up central air conditioning systems so that your home can be as cold as you want it to be, while also being extremely energy efficient. Understanding how geographic location impacts central air conditioning sizing can help you work through the installation process of your new system.

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