A home energy audit in Jacksonville is something that simply may be foreign to so many homeowners. There is a lot of value though in having a home energy audit completed, bringing you and your home plenty of benefits. These benefits are not just informational, they can also be action items that you can work on so that you can make your home far more energy efficient whether it is in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter.

The issue with an energy audit in Jacksonville is that very few homeowners understand what they actually are and how they can benefit you as a consumer. The best way to describe a home energy audit is when we send out one of our auditors from J&W Heating and Air to your home. We are going to thoroughly examine your home from top to bottom, focusing on your HVAC system as well. The idea here is to analyze if there are any areas where your home is losing energy.

The Goal of the Audit

The goal of an energy audit in Jacksonville is to try and focus on and identify problem areas in the home. These are going to be action items that you are going to be able to work on from that point forward so that you can try and resolve the energy efficiency problems that you are facing.

There are so many homeowners that simply have no idea just how much energy their home is losing day in and day out. When you have a quality energy audit in Jacksonville completed, these can be extremely eye-opening in a positive way. Our team at J&W Heating and Air wants to help you identify where energy efficiency gains are possible.

How the Audit is Done

The way in which one of these energy audits Jacksonville processes work is that one of our auditors will schedule a time to come out to your home. Once there, they will begin their work by starting with the base energy consumption determination. This is going to entail looking at fuel bills, figuring out the age of your HVAC system, your home’s facts, and all of those nitty-gritty details. The idea here is to figure out how much energy you are using a month to month.

The auditor will then begin to look at your HVAC system in more detail, the exterior and the interior of the system will be fully evaluated. Work will also be done to see how well your home is sealed. This will be accomplished with what is known as a blower door test, sealing up the house and using a fan to pull all of the air out. When this is done, what is going to be able to be detected is where the energy loss is taking place.

Technology for Energy Efficiency

We use a great deal of technology when we do our energy audit Jacksonville work. This not only includes that blower door test that was described above, but also several other types of tools that we have at our disposal. This includes things such as smoke pens and thermodynamics. These tools can help to reveal a lot to you as a homeowner. The more information that you know in terms of where the energy loss is taking place, the more action items you will have to work towards and get gains out of.

An energy audit in Jacksonville can be a very powerful exercise for you to go through from day one forward. Start with a home energy audit if you have a home you have just purchased and see if you can work with our professionals to pinpoint the problem areas. With your action item list in hand, you can then work to gain energy efficiency wherever possible.

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