As the owner of a home or a business, you make so many different decisions about these spaces. You probably have spent time over the years thinking about which windows you want to be installed, which doors you want, and what you want the exterior to look like. You compare materials, cost options, and so on. The same type of exercise needs to be done when you are either replacing or adding an HVAC Nocatee FL system to the space.

There are plenty of innovative products and solutions out there that we offer at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing. This is all with the intent of giving you, as the owner of a home or a business, options. The more options that you have the more you are going to be able to match up your needs with one of the product offerings to get you to an ideal state of air conditioning and comfort.

Split Systems

An HVAC Nocatee FL system that is known as a split system is one where you have a unit both inside and outside of your home. The way that this system works is that you have a furnace that is also going to have a fan that will work to circulate the air. The indoor component is going to be the evaporator coil to create the cool air, while the outdoor unit will be that of the air conditioning pump. Ducts that you have in your home or your place of business will be carrying the air throughout the space. These are very similar to traditional air conditioning systems with the big difference being that you are using your forced hot air furnace already in place to help to push the air, rather than having a separate fan as found in traditional systems.

Ductless Systems

A ductless split system is very different in that it requires no air ducts at all. You end up with a small outdoor air conditioning unit that is going to work to create all of that cool air. A compact indoor wall unit is also going to be installed to help to deliver the air to your home or your business. Refrigerant lines will connect the two while you control it from the unit or remote control.

This is a great solution designed to cool homes and places of business without any ductwork at all. This is ideal for an exercise room, an addition, a garage, an open-space home or apartment, and other scenarios.

Traditional Central Air Conditioning

A traditional central air conditioning system is needed when your home either does not have a space inside of the furnace to modify it for air conditioning or does not have the coil that it needs to create the coiling. A traditional central air conditioning system, also known as a packaged system, is truly an all-in-one unit that is going to do it all. The unit is going to be located outside and create the cool air that will then work to be carried throughout your home or your business via ductwork.

The great thing about these units is that all you have to do is set them up on the exterior of the home or business, hook them up to ducts, and away they go. You just need to control the unit via a thermostat and you will have cool air circulating everywhere throughout multiple rooms.

Deciding on an HVAC Nocatee FL system is one that is best done when consulting with an expert. We at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing can help to provide you with advice on what would work best for your home or your business. It may depend on the size of the space, whether you already have air ducts or not, among other things. Reach out to us and we can begin to work to assess your current state and help you come up with an ideal solution to get you the cool air you want and need.

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