If you don’t have any ductwork in your home or new room addition, you may be curious about your options for air conditioning installation. More and more homeowners are choosing to ditch their small room or window air conditioners and forgo ductwork installation for a new ductless system that can cool an entire home. But what’s wrong with window air conditioners? Is ductless air conditioning installation the right choice for your home? To answer these questions, we made a list of some of the major reasons you may decide to go ductless.

You Don’t Have Any Ductwork in Your Home

For many homes without any ductwork, ductless air conditioning installation is simply the most logical option. Window air conditioners are generally inefficient. While the U.S. government requires most AC units to have a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 13 or higher, window units are exempt from this rule and are much less efficient at an average SEER of about 10. And installing ductwork may be a major disruption to your home while installing a ductless AC means a technician only has to drill one small hole in the wall to connect the indoor units to the outdoor unit via a refrigerant line.

You Want to Be More Comfortable

Window air conditioners are sometimes ineffective at cooling large spaces, but with ductless air conditioning installation, a technician sizes your unit and strategically installs the indoor air handlers to ensure total comfort throughout the home. In fact, ductless AC keeps you even more comfortable with built-in zone control. You may need multiple indoor air handlers to cool an entire home, but each unit is connected to its own thermostat, so you can choose to vary the temperature in the house depending on your needs.

You Want to Reduce Energy Consumption

Ductless air conditioners are not only more efficient than window units; they often have a higher SEER than many central air conditioners as well. And they allow you to choose whether you want to save money by only cooling (or even heating) some parts of the home. If some rooms in your large home are unused throughout the day, you may decide to increase the temperature so that you are not cooling an unoccupied space.

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