The investment in a quality HVAC system for your home or business is nothing to joke around about. A quality HVAC system is not an inexpensive asset that you want to add to either type of location where you will hang your hat for a period of time every single day. When you live in a climate such as that of Florida, what you are going to find is that you have to deal with heat and humidity for a good chunk of the year. This puts an added reliance on our HVAC Jacksonville systems to work to keep our homes and businesses cool and comfortable.

One of the most common questions that homeowners have with these systems though is when is it the right time to put your system through the wringer of having an intense inspection that can lead to repair or replacement of the HVAC Jacksonville unit? There are warning signs that are out there, it’s up to you though to really notice them and then act on them by reaching out to us at J&W Heating and Air.

Rising Energy Bills

Have you started to notice that your electricity bills are rising and rising over the last month? Check your most recent bill and see where it stands, comparing it to one year ago roughly. There really should not be that much fluctuation from year over year when you are looking at the same period of time and the same general weather environment. Rising energy bills though could be a sign that your HVAC Jacksonville system is just not running that efficiently. This is a clear indicator that you want to take action before you just keep throwing money out of the window, literally.

Where is the Cool Comfort?

How has your HVAC Jacksonville system been doing in terms of working to keep your home or your business cool and comfortable? Has it been really struggling lately to produce the cool air that you are looking for from the system? How does the comfort level in your home or business compared to prior years? When a system starts to take a turn for the worse, one of the clear indicators is its performance of it in terms of its ability to create that comfortable environment you are looking for. When the system stops producing, a repair or a replacement of it is going to be needed.

Frequent Cycling and Noise

You have spent enough time with your HVAC Jacksonville system that you have a general idea as to how it should perform day to day. You know how much it should be cycling on and cycling off in order to create the cool and comfortable air that you are looking for. The same can be said for noise as you probably know how much noise you should expect from the system. When things start to change in these areas, that is when you want to begin to act so that you can see if there is potentially something going wrong or if the system is just starting to fail on you entirely.

You place a lot of reliance on your HVAC Jacksonville system to keep your home or your business cool and comfortable. When the system starts to not perform up to the standards that you would expect though, that is when you need to step in and start to take some action. Be aware of some of the warning signs that we have detailed above. When these things start to crop up, reaching out to the professionals at J&W Heating and Air is going to make a world of a difference. Our ability to analyze the system and figure out the root cause of some of these issues will help get your system repaired or replaced and ready to perform again.

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