There are so many things that you as a homeowner need to be aware of and take on from a maintenance perspective. You always need to be aware of the assets that you have and their maintenance needs, whether it is changing the air filter of your central air conditioning system, painting frames of windows so the wood doesn’t rot, and so on. One of the most neglected things in the home though that should get more attention is your home dryer vent. This is where our dryer vent cleaning Jacksonville service comes into play in a big way.

One of the worst fears that homeowners have is that of having a house fire. House fires are more common than you think, but one of the leading causes of house fires may not be. According to the National Fire Protection Association, one of the most common household appliances leads to well over 10,000 house fires each and every year, and that is your clothes dryer. This may sound like a ridiculous statistic, but it is a fact that we all have to be aware of to understand why dryer vent cleaning in Jacksonville is so important.

Keeping Your Home Safe

The biggest reason why dryer vent cleaning in Jacksonville makes so much sense is that simply put, you want to keep your home safe. Keeping your home safe means ensuring that your dryer vent is cleaned out and is allowing the air to be passed through in a fluid, full manner. You never want your dryer vent to be restricting airflow in any way as that is what can easily be backed up into your home, causing your dryer to get hotter and the risk of fire to increase greatly.

Our team at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing understands this risk and it is the reason why we offer our popular dryer vent cleaning Jacksonville service. We want you, our customers, to understand the risk and call on us so that we can assist you with your maintenance needs in relation to your clothes dryer. You spend so much time maintaining the other assets in your home, do not neglect the one that could easily do some major damage.

Energy Efficiency Gains

If the risk of fire is not enough to help you justify a dryer vent cleaning Jacksonville service, then the energy efficiency gains may help put it over the top. Have you noticed some issues with your clothes dryer lately? Is it taking a lot longer for the clothes to become dry, multiple cycles perhaps? Does the outside of the dryer get very hot when it runs? These are not signs that you need a new dryer, but are instead signs that you should think about having that dryer vent cleaned.

When the dryer vent is all clogged up, it is going to back up the air to the dryer itself. This is what is going to cause the dryer to not dry as efficiently or effectively and also to heat up rapidly. When you have a clean dryer vent, your dryer itself is going to be able to function that much better, allowing you to use less energy and cut down on the number of cycles that your dryer has to actually run.

The dryer vent should always be something that has your attention as a homeowner. Being aware of it and the risks that it presents when not cleaned regularly is important. Our dryer vent cleaning Jacksonville service at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing can help you stay on top of your dryer vent so that the risks that it presents are always minimized.

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