Have you ever noticed that you lose a lot of the comfortable air inside of your home right around the area where you have windows? Do you get drafts coming in when it is hotter or colder outside than it is inside? Energy losses are extremely common when you have a significant number of windows around the home. Some steps can be taken when it comes to window treatments that can give you a big boost in the energy efficiency space.

Substantial energy savings are something that every homeowner dreams about. The more energy efficient you can make your home, the less expensive it is going to be to get your home as comfortable as you want. Window treatments are one of the secret weapons Jacksonville AC professionals give advice on to help cut down on energy bills and get your home to your desired temperature.

Cellular Shades

One of the ways in which you can add window treatments to boost the energy efficiency of your home is with cellular shades. These are the very best that money can buy when it comes to window coverings and energy efficiency gains. Think of these windows as a net primarily to capture any air that tries to float through the windows and into your living space.

The way that cellular shades work is that they are made up of a series of cell pockets. The goal of the shades is to trap all of the air that exists around the windows. This keeps the air from passing through and making its way into the room, helping keep the rooms warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer.


Shutters are another powerful tool that Jacksonville AC professionals may give advice to go with for energy efficiency gains. Shutters are going to give you the very tightest fit against the window seal. The thicker the material of the shutters, the more effective they are going to be to help insulate the home. The big benefit that you get from shutters comes when the air gets through the glass. Instead of coming through the windows and making it into the home, the air is blocked by the shutters.


Exterior shades can also be very helpful, especially when you have a Jacksonville AC system that you want to run as efficiently as possible. These shades help your air conditioning bills as the focus is on the hot sun that is so prevalent in the state of Florida.

With exterior shades, you are going to be able to work to prevent the sunlight from making its way into the home. The UV rays are also going to be blocked out, giving your skin added protection, as well as other assets in your home such as hardwood floors, rugs, and furniture. All of these can be damaged over time as UV rays are allowed to beat down on them.

Using Multiple treatments

You can also use various window treatments together to get you as much protection, and coverage, as you think, is necessary. You may want to combine shutters with shades. You could also use the cellular shades with exterior shades. The more that you combine them, the better the protection that you are going to get.

Window treatments are a great way to help with the energy efficiency of your home. It is all about knowing what to go with from a window treatment perspective. Our team of professionals knows how to help the effectiveness of your Jacksonville AC, so ask away, and we can give the best advice possible. The more proactive you are, the higher the energy efficiency of your home will become.

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