Have you ever had a feeling like you simply will never have your house fully cleaned? You walk around dusting away for an entire day. You may go to sleep thinking you have done a good job, only to find out the next day the dust has returned! Where does all of this come from? Why is your home constantly dusty? The aggravation dust causes are something our HVAC Jacksonville, FL professional team can try to help with. Some of our services are direct responses to many of the reasons why the home is always dusty.

Air Ducts Not Cleaned

When was the last time you had the air ducts in your home cleaned? The air ducts used by your HVAC Jacksonville FL system are extremely important. They are tasked with carrying all of the air generated by your central air conditioning system throughout the home. As the years go by, these are going to get filled up with dirt, grime and dust. When they operate, dust is going to blow and get circulated throughout the home. Our team of HVAC Jacksonville FL professionals can get you set up with routine air duct cleaning to battle this.

Dirty Air Filter

Similar to the air ducts, when did you last swap out your air filter? Air filters need to be changed regularly, especially when you are in those hot summer months and putting your system into overdrive. When you have a dirty air filter, it is not going to do an outstanding job of collecting dust. Replace the air filter today! It is a task that takes a whopping five minutes and brings forth many benefits.

Vacuum Time!

You may have some carpets inside of the home you like to vacuum regularly. The problem with carpets is they tend to hold a lot of dust inside of them. As the dust builds up in the carpet, we think we are doing a good thing by running the vacuum over them. What you will find is that the vacuum will cause the dust to get blown around. The result is you have a home that is likely dirtier than before you run the vacuum in the first place.

Nasty Couch Cushions

Couch cushions are another culprit that can lead to dust making its way throughout the home. When you sit on a sofa, if it has dust inside of it and what will happen the dust will blow out of them throughout the space. You want to get those couch cushions outside every month or so to beat the dust out of them. This is an easy way to help the good fight against dust and keep the home cleaner.

The battle against dust inside of a home is never-ending. We have seen people do immaculate cleaning work, only for dirty air ducts to sink their efforts in a few hours’ time completely. Our HVAC Jacksonville FL professionals can help get you set up with routine air duct cleaning and more. We want to partner with you to provide services and knowledge so you can better defeat dust in the home!

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