5 Misconceptions About AC Companies

There are so many things that AC companies St. Augustine FL get a bad reputation about that simply are not true.  We at J&W Heating and Air take a great deal of pride in the business and service that we provide to residents in the state of Florida and abroad.  We strive to try and fight off these misconceptions about AC companies St. Augustine FL that so many citizens in the area have.  These misconceptions are typically built around a few bad experiences that customers have had with businesses or individuals that probably never had the experience necessary to do the air conditioning work in the first place.  


They Are Obsessed With Air Conditioning


We are not obsessed with air conditioning, but we understand the need for it.  This is a big misconception that people often have of AC companies St. Augustine FL.  There is nothing better than when it is cool enough out to open up the windows and let the crisp and refreshing air flow throughout your home.  This is not always possible though due to the temperatures that it can get up to in the state of Florida in those hot summer months.  We enjoy air conditioning, when it is needed.  To say we are obsessed with it though is simply not true at all.  


They Are Energy Wasters


The other misconception is that we are unaware as AC companies St. Augustine FL about energy usage.  Again, this could not be farther from the truth.  What we do is usually centered around trying to make homes as energy efficient as possible.  This is why we as a company provide services such as a home energy audit that can try and identify areas of waste.  Our goal is to get you set up with an air conditioning system that is going to help to reduce how much energy your home uses month to month and drive that energy usage and those costs down, not up.  


They Want to Sell You the Biggest Unit Possible


We also do not want to sell you the biggest air conditioning unit possible.  When we come out to your home or your business what we want to do is to size you up with an air conditioning unit that is going to be proper for where it is going to be installed.  A home of a certain square footage is going to need tonnage from their central air conditioning unit based on that size.  The misconception for AC companies St. Augustine FL is that we just want you to buy the biggest unit.  Instead, what we want to do is for you to buy the right unit for your home or your business to meet your needs.  


They Treat All Homes the Same


We do not treat every single home exactly the same because no two homes are ever going to be alike.  Each home has different needs in terms of where the air conditioning is needed most, where zones need to be set up, and so on.  Even the way that the sun hits a home at certain times of the day can have an impact on the air conditioning needs of that home.  We treat every customer and every home as its own unique job that needs to be addressed.  


They Are Unavailable When Issues Arise


The other big misconception for AC companies St. Augustine FL is that we will help sell you the unit and install it, but will be unavailable when issues arise.  We at J&W Heating and Air take a great deal of pride in our customer service capabilities and how we continue to help service our customers long after their units are installed and ready to go.
The misconceptions about ACcompanies St. Augustine FL are simply not warranted.  We at J&W Heating and Air want to try to prove these misconceptions wrong with every customer that approaches us with an air conditioning need.  Reach out to us and we can help you whether it be with a service repair need or a brand new installation for your air conditioning needs.

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