When you are talking about all of the different assets that you have in your home, the dryer vent is probably not high up there on the list that you prioritize as something important. The reality though is that your dryer vent does require some attention from time to time.

The vast majority of homeowners do not know that their dryer vent and its state of it can have such a huge impact on the home in so many ways. When you have a dryer vent that is struggling, so is your dryer itself, your energy bills and consumption, as well as the risk to the overall safety of your home. Our professional dryer vent cleaning Jacksonville services can help you in keeping the vent clear and safe for use.

Clean it to Save Money

One of the reasons that you need to clean your dryer vent from time to time is to save money. Your dryer costs money to run as it uses electricity or some other source of fuel, potentially gas. When you have a dryer running the amount of energy that it uses is going to be directly linked to the state of the dryer vent that it is hooked up to. Every single time that your dryer goes through a cycle of 60 minutes or so it is going to cost you on your energy bill. Depending on the cleanliness of your dryer vent, your dryer may be able to use less energy to get the job done just as effectively.

Saving Drying Time

Have you started to find that the clothes that are coming out of your dryer are not all that dry the first time around? When your clothes are not drying in one cycle you are basically wasting loads of laundry, electricity, as well as the use of the dryer itself. It can be quite aggravating when you have to run the dryer a few times just to get your clothes all set. Dryer vent cleaning in Jacksonville can help you save drying time so that you can use less energy and also free up your dryer that much faster.

The Risk of Fire

There is a serious fire risk that goes hand in hand with a dryer vent that has not recently, or ever, been cleaned. The National Fire Protection Agency reports over 15,000 fires in the United States every single year as a result of dryer vents that are either clogged or blocked up. This can result in deaths, the destruction of your home, and damage to property, among other things.

Dryer vent cleaning in Jacksonville is what can allow you to help increase the level of safety in your home. When you have a professional clean your dryer vent you do not have to worry about the increased risk of fire as a result of a blocked vent. Instead, you can run the dryer with confidence and enjoy the benefits of it running effectively and efficiently.

Dryer vent cleaning in Jacksonville is something that should certainly be taken seriously by a homeowner. When you run your dryer you expect it to perform effectively to dry your clothes and efficiently to do so quickly and use less electricity. You also want your dryer to be safe. These are all reasons why you should be having a professional get your dryer vent on a regular cleaning schedule. We at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing can help you with this so that you can be sure your dryer and its dryer vent are working in tandem to give you positive and efficient results.

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