There are so many reasons as to why you could run into issues with your central air conditioning system, literally hundreds. Our team of trained professionals relies on their knowledge and years of experience to deal with emergency air conditioning Jacksonville FL situations. When that system breaks down in the heat of the summer, it is pivotal that you can have someone you can rely on to get it back up and running quickly. Some air conditioning problems that you will run into though are more common than others, and it is important to highlight those so you as a homeowner are aware of them.

Commonality is very important when it comes to central air conditioning system issues that may arise. The more common the problem is, the easier it is going to be in order to identify and repair. Common issues with systems could be anything from wiring related to issues wth the ducts or the refrigerant line. Getting into these in more detail will help you understand how each can factor into downtime for your air conditioning system.

Refrigerant is Low

When you have low refrigerant, you are going to have some big problems with your central air conditioning system. Refrigerant is the chemical that cools down the air inside of your air conditioning system. The cool air that is being created and coming out of those air ducts is all because of the refrigerant working its magic. When you have low levels of refrigerant, you are going to find that the air is simply not as cool as it should be. Low refrigerant is likely due to a leak in the system. You can have the refrigerant recharged, but without having the leak fixed, the problem will simply keep coming back.

Power Problems

You can also run into power problems with your outside unit where it simply will not kick on when called upon. This is typically a sign that you have trouble with the power that has been run to the unit. It could also be a sign that you have issues with your thermostat. Our team of professionals can help with this emergency air conditioning Jacksonville FL situation by figuring out the root cause and addressing it.

Wiring Trouble

When the unit was first installed, you may have had wires that were simply not done correctly. They could be connected to the wrong spots on the inside and outside of the unit, they may be just bad wiring overall. This can pose a fire hazard on top of making the system function improperly. Wiring trouble should be identified and addressed as quickly as possible.

Fan Not Blowing

The fan on the outside of your home is responsible for pushing all of that heat from the inside of your home out. When it is not working you are not going to be able to get rid of the hot air in your home. The air transfer process relied on that fan blowing.

Blocked Air Ducts

Believe it or not over time air ducts can become fully blocked. This can put intense pressure on your central air conditioning system and result in damage to the indoor and outdoor units. Identifying this problem and having those air ducts routinely cleaned can help you avoid the problem re-appearing and causing a lot more damage than it should.

The most common problems that we see with central air conditioning systems come up time and time again. It is our experience and knowledge that helps us identify these problems quickly and fix them to get your system functioning. No two emergency air conditioning Jacksonville FL situations are completely alike, but knowing where the common problem areas are can prove to be helpful.

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