If you’re like most homeowners here in Jacksonville, FL, you’re probably keen on finding the most energy-efficient HVAC solution possible. After all, we see an average of eight months every year when air conditioning is necessary. That is a huge reason that heat pumps are now the most popular HVAC solution in Jacksonville and the rest of Florida. They offer high-efficiency cooling along with heating capabilities up to four times as efficient as a furnace. However, since heat pumps have only recently gained traction, people often don’t know as much about them as other types of HVAC systems. One of the questions we get asked most often is how long a heat pump should last after you install one. Here’s everything you need to know about the longevity of heat pumps.

Average Ducted Heat Pump Lifespan

According to our heat pump experts, the average ducted heat pump will give you about 15 years of reliable service. However, we’ve seen some wear out after 10 years. It is important to realize, however, that your experience with a heat pump could vary considerably from the average.

If you, for example, are the type of person who likes to keep their home as close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit as possible in the summer, your heat pump might wear out quickly. Since there are so many hot days here, you’ll be using your heat pump more than the average person that way. However, if you’re fine with a home that’s 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, your heat pump could last for 20 years or more.

Average Mini-Split Heat Pump Lifespan

You should also know that ductless mini-split heat pumps have different expected lifespans than ducted models. On average, a ductless mini-split heat pump will have a lifespan of about 20 years. Mini-splits tend to last a little longer than ducted systems because they’re not used in the same way. Part of that comes down to their reliance on multiple indoor air handlers rather than a single, central one.

With an air handler in each room, homeowners aren’t likely to use a mini-split to heat or cool their whole home at all times. Instead, they’re likely to turn on the air handlers only in the rooms they’re using. This reduces the amount of strain on the mini-split’s outdoor unit since it’s not being asked to work at maximum capacity. Plus, it spares some of the system’s air handlers from unnecessary wear and tear, too.

On top of that, ductless mini-splits often include inverter technology, which also helps extend their lifespan. An inverter allows a mini split to run its fans and compressor at multiple speeds. This means a mini-split will only work as hard as it has to, depending on the temperature you’ve set in your rooms. This is not only a much more efficient way to use electricity but also spares the system’s moving parts from sharp voltage and speed fluctuations. As a result, those parts won’t wear out as fast as they otherwise would.

Factors That Influence Heat Pump Longevity

Of course, there are plenty of things besides how you use your heat pump that will affect their longevity. The following factors also play a role in how long you can expect your heat pump to last.

Maintenance Frequency

One major factor that will determine your heat pump’s longevity is how well you maintain it. Since a heat pump serves as both a cooling and a heating system, it doesn’t have downtime like the parts of a conventional HVAC system would. As a result, a heat pump requires more regular maintenance to stay in good working condition.

In general, a heat pump will require professional maintenance twice per year if you want to maximize its lifespan. During each visit, one of our expert HVAC technicians will inspect your heat pump’s major components, clean your system, and make any necessary adjustments. If they spot a problem, they’ll let you know so you can take appropriate action. The faster you address small problems with your heat pump, the longer it will last.

Your Heat Pump’s Manufacturer

There’s an old saying that you get what you pay for. That’s certainly true when it comes to heat pumps. Generally speaking, you can expect heat pumps offered by major manufacturers to last longer than those of unknown or niche brands. This is because you can count on them to use quality materials designed to stand the test of time. So, while you may save money by purchasing a cheaper system from a less-established manufacturer, you may pay for it in the form of needing a new heat pump sooner.

Proper Heat Pump Sizing

Proper sizing of your heat pump at the time of installation also plays a role in the longevity you can expect from it. This is because a heat pump that’s either too small or barely adequate for your home’s needs will suffer more wear and tear as you use it. So, when you buy a heat pump, you’ll want one of the experts here at J&W Heating and Air to perform a Manual J calculation for your home first. Then, they can tell you the precise size of the heat pump your home requires.

Your Home’s Insulation

Another factor that will influence your heat pump’s longevity is the quality and type of insulation in your home. This is because heat pumps work best when your home is properly air-sealed and has adequate insulation for the climate here. This will help trap the cool air produced by your heat pump in your home during the summer and keep heat inside in the winter. That will reduce the load on your heat pump and help it keep you comfortable while maximizing its lifespan.

Quality of Installation

Lastly, the quality of your heat pump’s installation will also affect how long it will last. Here at J&W Heating and Air, our NATE-certified HVAC technicians have a wealth of experience installing heat pumps of all makes and models. We also specialize in heat pumps from York, which is one of the most reputable heat pump manufacturers in the world. You can count on us to install your heat pump to its exact manufacturer specifications, which will keep your heat pump’s warranty in force and extend its useful life.

Jacksonville’s Heat Pump Experts

J&W Heating and Air is your go-to provider of heat pumps in Jacksonville. We carry and install both ducted and ductless heat pumps. We can help you determine your home’s exact needs, choose the perfect heat pump, and install it for you. Plus, we also handle all other kinds of HVAC installations, maintenance, and repairs, as well. And we can also help you with your indoor air quality, thermostat, and ductwork, too. As a fixture in the local community since 1966, you can count on us to stand behind our work for the lifetime of your heat pump and then some.

So, if you need a heat pump for your Jacksonville home, contact the experts at J&W Heating and Air today!

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