Think about the alarming number of loads of laundry that you do every single week. Studies have found that, on average, a U.S. household is going to do well over 500 loads of laundry every year. This is a pretty crazy number when you think about it, but one that really should not surprise you. We always need to clean our clothes so that we have the stuff to wear around the house, to work, to school, or just to go out in general. Now think about how many times you have truly given credence to the cleanliness of your home dryer vent. Have you ever considered or even thought about trying to clean the vent? The home dryer vent, simply put, is typically ignored by most homeowners.

This is where our dryer vent cleaning Jacksonville service comes into play. Our team of technicians, who largely work on HVAC units, also can apply that craft toward cleaning your dryer vent. There are many reasons why you should ensure that your dryer vent is cleaned, with the biggest being the true dangers that exist from ignoring the vent entirely.

The Risk of a House Fire

The risk of a house fire is one of the biggest reasons why you never want to ignore your home dryer vent. Dryer fires are far more common than you think and lead to tens of thousands of fires within homes every year. This includes deaths and hundreds of injuries, as well as millions in terms of property damage. Fires are a big risk when it comes to a dryer due to all of the lint that can build up in the dryer and the dryer vent. When you go through routine dryer vent cleaning in Jacksonville, the risk of a house fire from the dryer is greatly reduced.

The Energy Costs of Your Home

How much money do you spend every single month on electricity to run your dryer? The same goes for gas should you have a unit that is powered that way. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make your dryer more energy efficient and cut down on those bills month to month? One of the best ways to do this is not to replace the dryer that you have. Instead, you should focus on actually cleaning the dryer vent. When you have lint that is built up in the dryer vent it means that the dryer is going to take that much longer to work to dry your clothes. The more your dryer runs, the higher your energy bills. Dryer vent cleaning in Jacksonville can help to reverse that trend.

Help the Life of Your Dryer

You also want to work to extend the life of the dryer that you have as well. Every single dryer is going to have a certain lifespan tied to it. When that lifespan runs out, you need to either have the dryer repaired or replaced. One of the best ways to work to extend that lifespan as much as possible is to be sure that your dryer vent cleaning Jacksonville service is done routinely. When you have a dryer vent that is not cleaned, it can get clogged up. This can put added stress on your dryer to the point where the motor may begin to burn out that much faster. If the dryer is properly maintained, this risk is largely diminished and the lifespan of the dryer should be extended.

Dryer vent cleaning Jacksonville services may not seem like something that you need to pay a lot of attention to as a homeowner, but the reality is that the service is highly valuable and important. The risks that exist when your dryer vent is ignored are too great to turn your head to. These risks, lead by an increased chance of a house fire, should help you understand the true value of having that dryer vent cleaned routinely.

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