Regular air duct cleaning is an important household task that you should have done every other year, or whenever you notice heavy congestion in the vents around your house. (High heating and cooling bills are also another warning sign to look out for.) But this isn’t a task that you can arrange to do as just another part of spring cleaning: air duct cleaning is a job for professionals only, as we’ll explain.

Fortunately, it is simple to locate quality services for air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding communities. You only have to call up J&W Heating and Air and speak to one of our indoor air quality specialists. We handle many services to help maintain the ventilation system of homes. Along with air duct cleaning, we also perform duct testing and sealing. You can reach us 24 hours a day whenever you need emergency service.

The Importance of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Try this: open up an air vent in your home, one that you can easily reach. Now try to put your hand into it. It may not fit. If it does, it won’t go far down into the air shaft. Even with a long broom or the flexible hose of a vacuum cleaner, you can’t access much of the extensive interior of the ventilation system on your own. You could only clean off the area around the vents. (We do advise cleaning the vent covers on a regular basis, however, as it helps with airflow.)

Furthermore, you can’t apply the level of cleaning necessary on your own. A broom or a commercial vacuum will only pick up superficial layers of dust and dirt. The contamination that gets into ductwork becomes deeply embedded in the walls, and it takes professional equipment to remove it so the ductwork contains as little air resistance as possible. There are some types of pollutants that require special remediation techniques.

What professionals do to clean air ducts is attach a large power vacuum to the ventilation system and seal off all the other access points. The enormous vacuum alters the pressure throughout the ventilation system, which agitates contaminants from the walls of the air ducts. The vacuum can then easily draw in most of the dirt, dust, dander, pollen, and other particles to provide thoroughly cleaned ducts. Technicians will also use agitation equipment that can reach far down into the vents to help clean tougher areas.

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If you don’t remember how has passed since you arranged for professional air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, then it probably has been too long. Call J&W Heating and Air today, and our friendly technicians will help you schedule your next cleaning visit.

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